3D Sublimation for cup lid

Water is the source of life, and for human beings, the importance of water is self-evident. Drinking the right amount of water every day not only satisfies the body’s needs, but also brings many benefits to the body. So the water cup has also become a necessity in life. Some people ask, can the cup lid be personalized?

Nowadays, many people pursue personalized customization, put their favorite things everywhere.In an exhibition, customers asked us whether the cup lid can be customized, we replied of  course. This is not just talking, it is really possible. As long as your item is resistant to high temperatures and the size of our current equipment is suitable, then of course it is possible. After the transfer is done, it is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, wear and waterproof. This one is professionally tested.

Exquisite things will bring people a different enjoyment experience.The customization of the cup will also bring people a different feeling of use. It is not only a cup, but also a decoration on the desk, a decoration on the desk, a decoration on the construction site and so on. The cup lid solutions we provide are only to add a better life experience to you and decorate your life more beautifully.

We offer you three models of equipment, Mini 3D Sub-1, 3D Sub A1 and 3D Sub A3 models, all of which can meet your individual needs. As long as you want, we will do our best to meet them, because the customer is our God !