MINI 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine
For mobile cover, earphone case, keyboard caps...Compact design for shops
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Industrial 3D Sublimation Vacuum Machine
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Kalos Innovation


3D Sublimation could not proceed by traditional sublimation paper

3D Sublimation is different from traditional sublimation. They are both heat transfer printing, 3D sublimation is special for irregular surface color heat transfer, traditional sublimation is only for flat surface color heat transfer.

Moreover, 3D sublimation is a heat transfer process from special film that printed by photo printers, traditional sublimation is a heat transfer from sublimation paper. The sublimation paper doesn’t have ductility which required when heat transfer over the 3D surface, but the special film has good ductility to fit for requirement of 3D heat transfer.

Therefore, 3D sublimation could have full coverage of pattern heat transfer on the 3D surface.

Kalos Innovation


3D Sublimation

We provide one-stop 3D sublimation heat transfer solution, including a variety of printers, a variety of 3D sublimation vacuum machines and consumables materials. The only thing left for you is marketing...


Our one-stop solution also provide consumables materials for 3D sublimation, such as special ink, special film, molds and cases. You can start your business right away after receive our stuffs.

More solutions

We are not only a manufacturer for machines, but also a creator for solutions. We provide variety of solutions, such as phone case DIY, keyboard caps DIY, earphone case DIY, car key case DIY...

Featured Products

The products we have are diverse and of high quality. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of options to meet the needs of our customers. Here are some of the products we currently have.

Mini 3D Sublimation Machine: Compact Design For Shops

It offers precise and consistent results, ensuring that every print is of high quality. The easy-to-use interface makes it accessible for beginners and professionals alike, a compact yet powerful tool that brings your creative ideas to life! 

3D Sublimation A3: Unlock Your Creative Potential

This machine is designed for those with a passion for innovation and customization. From creating stunning artworks to personalizing various items, it offers endless possibilities, a remarkable tool that takes your creative endeavors to new heights! 

3D Sublimation A1: Industrial Application

Specially designed for industrial application, with mass production and high efficiency, the A1 can bring you more output but with same bright colors as you epect! Deeper and bigger transfer area could print more complex items with irregular surface!

Mini 3D Sublimation Machine Operation Video For Mobile Cover Printing

Brand introduction
About Kalos

Brand introduction

KALOS is a brand focus on 3D sublimation heat transfer solutions. We are not only a manufacturer for machines, but also a creator for solutions which are for heat transfer printing, such as customized mobile phone case, customized keyboard cap, customized knee pads, customized Bluetooth headset case, customized game controller and so on, so that users can customize their own items, show the unique style and personality. Our solution adopts advanced thermal imaging technology to ensure that the pattern quality is clear and durable. We focus on quality and reliability to meet customer needs and provide quality customer service…….

Kalos Innovation


Original Factory

We are manufacturer for 3D Sublimation vacuum machines, UV DTF printer and White ink heat transfer printer. Original factory, quality guarantee.

The Inventor

We create and provide variety of solutions for 3D sublimation, phone case, keyboard caps, earphone case.... As long as you have ideas, just let us know.

Perfect Service

We provide 24*7 pre-sales and after-sales service. With a strong technical team, we can shoot the trouble within a short time, to help your business grows smoothly.

Our Solutions
Kalos Innovation


We are not only a manufacturer for machines, but also a creator for 3D sublimation printing solutions. Our machines can print phone case, keyboard caps, earphone and earphone case, car key case….many solutions, as long as you have idea, we will make it come true!

What if your phone cover....

printed with your favorite pictures?

Should the earphone cover...

be different from regular cover with pure color?

Car key covers

to show your individual personality!

It would be unique...

if your pad with your own personal style!

Industrial Application

to make your products customized with ideas from your customers!

Home Appliance

Can’t image home appliance could be so colorful!

More Solutions?

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