3D Sublimation for earphone case

Bluetooth earphone have gotten rid of the shackles of wired, and since 2016, Apple mobile phones have taken the lead in canceling the 3.5mm earphone jack, which has expanded the market for Bluetooth headphone. The development of Bluetooth earphones has brought more opportunities, such as personalized earphone cases. We currently have this kind of equipment, and our earphone case solution can achieve the freedom of customization, so that our earphone case is no longer monotonous. Seize the opportunity to make this market more personalized.

At present, many earphone cases on the market are solid colors, which will make people visually tired, so customized earphone cases are becoming more and more popular. The working principle of our device is to use thermal transfer to transfer your favorite pictures to a blank Bluetooth earphone compartment. This operation process is simply to use a six-ink printer with special thermal transfer ink to print out the photos you want, and then wait for the ink to dry, put the blank Bluetooth earphone case on the fixed mold, cover it with a heat transfer film, and then put it in for preheating, then heat it for 5 minutes, and after five minutes, you can take out a customized Bluetooth earphone case, which is simple and convenient to operate, and it is easy to get started. We currently offer the Mini 3D Sub-1, 3D Sub A1 and 3D Sub A3 models, all of which can be thermally imaging. The difference between them is that the size is different, the size of the Mini is 403*369*149mm (width * depth * height), the size of A3 is 604*602*870mm (width * depth * height), the size of A1 is 1155*1950*1440mm, you can choose the corresponding size according to your own needs. Of course, you can also contact us, we will provide you with the best choice.

Hope you get the equipment you want and make a flawless finished product!