3D Sublimation for keyboard caps

Computer technology is playing an increasingly important role in contemporary society, and keyboard cap have naturally become an indispensable part of computers.We offer custom Thermal imaging solutions, and you can use our equipment to customize a creative keyboard cap by yourself.

 If the switch body determines the basic feel of the mechanical keyboard, then the keyboard caps are designed to make the user feel better in use. Keyboard caps of different colors, different processes, and different materials will not only affect the appearance of the keyboard, but also affect the feel of the keyboard. Thereby affecting the experience of using the keyboard.

We provide a keyboard cap solution that allows you to add your own customized colors and patterns to your keyboard cap according to your preferences.At present, we have three models of equipment for you to choose.The working principle of the equipments are thermal transfer, which is different from UV printing, our equipment is mainly for special-shaped transfer, UV can only do one side, and we can do three sides. The difference between these three devices is that they have different output and size, the Mini is small and can only make a few single keyboards at a time, the A3 is medium-sized and can make 1 whole keyboard cap at a time, and the A1 is large and can make 2 whole keyboard caps at a time. Simple steps to create a unique keyboard cap that “comes to life”.

Different models are recommended by different customers, and we provide a variety of models for you to choose, so you don’t have to worry about not being suitable. There’s always one that will suit you, come and find out more about it!