3D Sublimation for mouse cover

The development trend of computers is getting better and better, and the mouse as an accessory is also developing very well, office workers can’t do without the use of the mouse, and computer gamers can’t do without the use of the mouse, so more demand is also emerging. For example, personalized customization.Nowadays, we make customized Thermal imaging solutions that can be customized with our equipment. Make your mouse come alive.

At present, people are more and more pursuing personalization, so the personalized demand for mouse is also increasing, and the mouse cover solution we provide can adapt to the development trend of the market. It allows you to personalize the mouse case style according to your preferences, increase the recognition of the mouse, and enhance the visual effect!  The working principle of the equipment is thermal transfer, which is different from UV printing, our equipment is mainly for special-shaped transfer, UV is not easy to print curved surfaces, and we can easily transfer curved surfaces. Come and customize a mouse cover that you like!

At present, we have developed three types of equipment, different models for you to choose.The difference between these three devices is that they differ in production and size, the Mini is small, the A3 is medium, and the A1 is large. Simple steps make for a unique mouse cover.

Different models are recommended by different customers, and we provide a variety of models for you to choose, so you don’t have to worry about not being suitable. There will always be one that will suit you, come and talk to us for further communication!